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14 May 2009 @ 11:46 am
How many (if any) songs do you know by heart? What are they?

I usually know the chorus of songs, but if you're talking full ones I guess the only ones I know by heart are the chessy 90's pop. I know many of the Spice Girls songs by heart, some britney, some christina aguilera, nsync, and backstreet boys.

I also know a lot of the songs in my physical cd collection, like Michelle Branch, Steps, Hard-Fi, and No Doubt. But usually I don't memorize whole songs.
31 January 2009 @ 06:00 pm

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13 December 2008 @ 05:48 pm
Part 2 of Art Portolio
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13 December 2008 @ 05:35 pm
I'm going to start posting what I've done
in my first semester of college.
I'm an art student, hopefully graphic design,
so most of this will be introductory art assignments.

Part 1
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20 January 2008 @ 05:49 pm
I'm going to keep a running tally of all the books I read in 2008! (Maybe ^^)
IF you have any recommendations, feel free to comment!

1. The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
2. A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb
3. Specials by Scott Westerfeld
4. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
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